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Cardiac Referral Form 

For Physicians 

Once received by Fax KS Imaging will contact patients to book

Fax: 905 542 0664 

Cardiac Referral Form 

For Patients 

Once Submitted KS Imaging will contact to book 

Holter diary
Provided at Appointment 
Echo Contrast Consent Form 
Provided at Appointment 
Enhances Image Quality 

Used if Necessary

Welcome to KS Diagnostic Imaging 


  • We Provide Cardiac Assessments after hours and on weekends 
  • Contact your family physician and have your doctor fax the physician referral form 
  • Our Staff will contact you via phone call to book your appointment 
  • We look forward to meeting you! 


 We specialize in providing point-of-care service,  with referral from your general physician. We bring Cardiac ultrasound, ECG and Holter monitors to site, providing full comprehensive reports to providers and follow up appointments with an experienced cardiologist. 

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